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Silicones – adhesives – sealants

Doing a motor repair? Need to lock a thread or it is just and ordinary household repair?
We can provide you a variety of products. You can find glues, adhesives sealats and other chemical products in our selection. Just to mention a few: SOUDAL motor sealant GASKET SEAL, universal silicones, neutral silicones, black, white, transparent silicones, MS Polymer based glues, SOUDAL FIX ALL CLASSIC, application tools, loctite Hysol, epoxy glues, glues for plastics, universal contact glues, glues for mirrors, spray can glues.

Auto cosmetics: Loctite, Bison, Motip, Prevent, STP, TURTLE WAX, GrandX

Products: Liqui Molly, WD-40, STP, MOTIP, PREVENT, motor oil supplements, Arva, Alcohol, brake fluid, distilled water, coolant liquids, cleaning liquids.


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